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Welcome. If you like strong males, determined women, romance and mystery, these books are for you. Available on Amazon:

Her Country Heart

Ever wonder what happened to your high school crush?

Amy Long needs a fresh start. After years of living in the city she returns to Sierra Creek to run her grandmother’s farm. Does she still belong in the small town? Cowboy Wyatt Cameron doesn’t think so. As half owner of the farm he’s vowed to sell the place and send her

packing back to the city where she belongs.

Will sparks fly without breaking a heart?

Money Power and Poison

If Holt is using her she’d be a fool to trust him.

If Kathryn is a murderer he’d be crazy to fall in love with her.

Why would business woman Kathryn Carlyle poison a software developer she only met once? Reporter Holt Rand needs a scoop and won’t stop until he gets answers. But when he meets Kathryn his life is changed forever. Kathryn is attracted to him, but how can she depend on a man who is using her to further his career? Could he be part of a conspiracy that’s working against her?

Shattered Rules

A spy, an obsessed killer, and a dangerous secret, would you shatter the rules to keep it safe?

Workaholic FBI agent Brick Larson loves his job. He doesn’t need personal relationships. And the last thing he wants is to get involved with the younger sister of his ex-fiancé. But to defend the United States that’s exactly what he’ll do.

  When Kelly Shaw was a teenager she secretly loved Brick and would have trusted him with her life. That was years ago. Can she trust him with top secret information now? Will she live long enough to find out?


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